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The Focus of Our Efforts



With the help of generous donors, Curatio Mundi has sent volunteers to Kenya to provide medical supplies, vitamins, and medical care with our partners at Diakonia Compassionate Ministry. During this Covid 19 Pandemic, we were able to send medial volunteers to assist in the fight against Covid and we were also able to donate oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, face masks etc to be used in the county referral hospitals as well as community health centers.



Many Girls in Africa are unable to have access to sanitary towels  during their monthly cycle and this is a very big challenge especially when schools are ongoing. Some miss out on school during this time and tend to stay at home. Curatio Mundi in partnership with Diakonia Compassionate Ministry helps in raising funds for sanitary towels for these girls in order to keep them in school.



Millions of children do not have access to education which is a powerful agent of change as it enables people get to learn more about health and are better able to protect themselves, improve livelihoods, contribute to social stability and long term economic growth.Through our partnership with Diakonia Compassionate Ministry over 200 children between the ages of 12 -18 can afford to attend secondary school every year. Curatio Mundi provides funds for their fall and spring tuition, scholastic materials  as well as costs of living when needed. Curatio Mundi also provides scholarships to students wishing to further their education in a way that will benefit their communities.

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